• Levels of Care

    When treating OCD and other anxiety related disorders, our continuum of care includes several options, depending on patient need and resources.  Levels of care differ according to the amount of treatment received and extent of clinician involvement. Lower levels of care involve less treatment time and clinician supervision, while higher levels of care include more time and clinician involvement. The levels of care offered at COARD are described below, starting with the lower levels of care. 

    Professionally Assisted Self-Directed Care (PASDC)

    PASDC is appropriate for individuals attempting a self-help approach, but who would like to consult with a professional on an as-needed basis. With self-directed care, you are in charge. You decide what healthcare strategies to use and how to implement them. You monitor your progress and adjust your strategies accordingly. With PASDC, the professional is a resource for you to obtain information, but the amount of contact you receive is not sufficient for that professional to monitor or direct your care.  

    Standard Outpatient Care (SOC)iStock_5066604XSmall_levelsofcare

    This is the most common level of behavioral healthcare. Patients receiving SOC go to their behavioral health provider on a periodic basis.  SOC is professionally directed, meaning the clinician monitors and directs your care. Weekly office visits for psychotherapy and monthly appointments with a psychiatrist for medication management are common examples of SOC.    

    Intermediate Care (IC)

    IC provides an alternative to hospitalization that should be considered when standard outpatient care has been ineffective or would be unsafe or impractical. Like SOC, patients come to the clinic for care but return home for the evening. However, IC provides a higher dose of therapy along with more structure, supervision, and support. IC patients typically attend sessions 3-6 days a week. Two levels of IC are offered: 1) the Intensive Outpatient Program involves 2-3 hours a day of service:  and 2) the Partial Hospital Program includes 4-5 hours of service a day.  

    If you or a loved one is interested in more information about any levels of our anxiety therapy treatment programs, call us now at 314-289-9411.

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