• Professional Education

    COARD is dedicated to educating current and future healthcare professionals, as well as the general public, about OCD and anxiety-related disorders. Some services are provided as a community service, while other services involve a fee. A variety of educational and consultative services are available:

    Community Presentations

    COARD clinicians are available to provide talks for community organizations on various subjects, such as childhood anxiety, updates on treatment, OCD, PTSD, anxiety disorders in general, and hoarding.

    Professional Presentations

    COARD clinicians also provide continuing education for healthcare professionals. Short presentations and lectures on a variety of topics, including state-of-the-art treatment, can be arranged for professional groups.


    Workshops provide a more in-depth training program consisting in a half-day, whole-day, or multi-day training format. Typically, COARD workshops involve training in treatments for OCD and anxiety-related disorders.

    Postgraduate Fellowships and the Clinical Practicum for Graduate Students

    COARD offers a 9-month practicum for graduate students in the mental health disciplines and a one-year fellowship of postgraduate training in OCD and anxiety-related disorders. For more information on these opportunities, go to our Training Information Page.

    Case Consultation

    COARD senior clinicians are available to practitioners seeking consultation on challenging or complex cases of OCD and anxiety-related disorders. Consultations are provided in minimal increments of 30 minutes. The duration and frequency of consultations can be tailored to the needs of the clinician seeking consultation.

    To find out more or to request a service, please call 314-289-9411 or contact us.

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