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    Program for Psychology & Religion Recent Newsletters

    “The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Christian Ministers.” Fall 2016

    “Loss and Grief and Resilience: A Universal Experience.” Winter 2015/2016

    “Spirituality of Aging: Implications for Living in the Autumn Years.” Spring 2015

    “Resilience Following Trauma: Stories of Faith, Hope, and Love.” Summer 2014

    “Behavioral Addictions in Ministry.” Winter 2014

    “Cognitive Decline in Aging: Is this normal aging or is this dementia?” Spring 2013

    “Engaging Communities in Reentry.”  Fall 2012.

    “Understanding Problematic Gambling and Spending in Ministry.” Winter 2012. 

    “Food Addiction: A Fresh Perspective on Curbing Appetite and Shedding Pounds.” Summer 2012.

    “Building Psychological (and Spiritual) Resilience in Ministry.” Fall 2011.

    “Pain and Suffering: Part 2: The Christian Experience.” Winter 2011.

    “Compulsive Hoarding and Acquisition.” Spring 2011.

    “Intervention: Skill, Grace, or a Lot of Both?” Summer 2009.


    PowerPoint Presentation

    Presentation given to the faculty at Aquinas Institute of Theology:

    Dripps, B., Ph.D. & Grimes, C., Psy.D.  Forming the Whole Person: The Importance of Psychological and Social Aspects of Spiritual Formation [PowerPoint slides].

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