• Program for Psychology & Religion


    Aftercare is an important component of our Program for Psychology and Religion. It is often overlooked in outpatient centers. The purpose of aftercare is to help the client reintegrate into community, to maintain the gains they made in treatment, and prevent relapse.

    Aftercare is highly individualized to each client completing any of our programs. The most common aftercare program involves the combination of individual psychotherapy and medication. Clinical research indicates this to be the most successful treatment approach in general (of course, this varies based on the diagnosis of the individual).

    When the client lives beyond a driving commute to St. Louis, we coordinate with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other health care professionals in the client’s new living area to provide continuity of treatment in their aftercare.

    We offer Renewal Week programs twice a year, in January and July, to help encourage and support clients in the maintenance of gains achieved during their intensive program.  

    In special cases, we coordinate phone consultations to meet aftercare goals. This is particularly helpful for individuals who perform ministry in rural areas or other countries.

    Who Benefits from this Program?

    • A client who has completed our Intensive Outpatient Program and needs follow-up care to prevent relapse and maintain gains.
    • A client who has completed a program elsewhere and needs continued rehabilitation and follow-up.
    • A client who has a history of intensive or inpatient treatment and has recently relapsed but does not require inpatient services.


    For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call Sue Mertens at (314) 289-9407.