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    Assessment & Evaluation

    “For more than a quarter of a century, the Program for Psychology and Religion has offered effective systems of evaluating clients and suggesting directions for the psychological and social aspects of formation, treatment, and future growth of candidates and religious professionals.”

    We understand the joys and strains of religious life and know that ministry has become demanding and complex. Our treatment center for religious professionals offers integrative behavioral, emotional, cognitive, interpersonal, and spiritual health assessments for ministers of all backgrounds.

    Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

    Our treatment center for religious professionals offers a comprehensive psychological, social, spiritual and behavioral health assessment. Recommendations to facilitate healing and growth are made based on the assessment results.

    We work with individuals from various denominations, dioceses, and religious orders to identify particular problem areas and provide recommendations. Commonly, ministers referred for a clinical assessment are experiencing difficulties in their ministry and/or relationships. They may be suffering from burn-out, fatigue, depression, anxiety, interpersonal stressors, addictive or compulsive behaviors, or other concerns.  

    The assessment is always conducted in a collaborative manner with the goal of providing recommendations to resolve the current problem while at the same time helping the minister better understand herself/himself. The assessment is conducted with sensitivity to the minister, in a manner that is respectful of his/her privacy, while also providing the necessary information to the minister’s leadership as appropriate.

    The comprehensive Clinical Assessment typically consists of the following components:   iStock_19894708_Women_Large

    1. Intake Consultation
    2. Clinical Interview and Psycho-social History
    3. Psychological Testing
    4. Spiritual Health Assessment
    5. Psychiatric Assessment (added as needed)
    6. Feedback Session and Written Summary Report
    7. Nutritional and Physical Health Assessments (added as needed)

    Candidate Developmental  Assessment

    We created this form of assessment to be less “intrusive” while focusing on the client’s forward movement toward healthy integration of body, mind, and spirit.

    While major psychological problem areas are screened for, we place a particular emphasis on the client’s strengths and areas of growth.

    The person seeking this form of assessment ranges from seminarians and ministry candidates, to clergy, religious, and persons of faith who desire to know themselves better and desire to use the results of the assessment to map a path for personal and spiritual growth.

    For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call Sue Mertens at (314) 289-9407.

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