• Program for Psychology & Religion

    General Outpatient Services for People of Faith

    Our mental health services for people of faith are open to any individual who values the integration of respect for his or her religious faith, attention to the spiritual dimension of psychological issues and scientifically based treatment. This approach allows us to work with members of any religious or spiritual tradition, collaborating with the guidance of their own religious leaders when applicable.   

    We also have psychologists and counselors on staff to provide Christian counseling that integrates evidence based treatments for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues with Christian principles for healthy living.  Additionally, our spiritual directors who are able to help individuals deepen their relationship with God even in the midst of doubt, turmoil, or searching.

    Our Services for People of Faith Include:

    Christian Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families
    Group Psychotherapy
    Nutritional Consultations
    Psychiatric Services for Medication Management
    Spiritual Direction
    Spiritually Sensitive Counseling and Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

    Who Benefits From These Services?iStock_6135755XSmall_psychreligion_outpatient

    Our general outpatient services are available to clergy and laity. Here are some common examples: 

    • A person seeking a psychologist who believes in the mind-body-spirit connection and who will apply this approach in treatment.
    • A person seeking a Catholic therapist or a Christian counselor who is sensitive and knowledgeable of Christian values, lives them in their own life, and is comfortable discussing the integration of religion and psychology (wellness) in the person’s life.
    • A person seeking individual therapy who believes in God, a Higher Power, or “something greater,” but feels the connection is waning, distant, or conflicted.
    • A person who feels their life is lacking meaning or purpose, feels “stuck,” and/or is having a “faith crisis” may benefit from spiritual direction.
    • A person seeking individual psychotherapy and is interested in talking about their spiritual life; particularly how their choices, obstacles, and crisis are a reflection of their spiritual journey.
    • A person seeking  a therapist who is sensitive to and comfortable working with individuals of other faiths and religious beliefs, such as Buddhism, Judaism, agnosticism, and “spiritual but not religious.”

    To schedule an appointment, call the intake coordinator at 314-289-9411 and mention your interest in meeting with a member of the Psychology & Religion treatment team.

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