• Program for Psychology & Religion

    Path for Growth

    Paths for Growth: Transforming Persons

    Our 3 to 6 Month Intensive Program
    The Program for Psychology and Religion at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute offers intensive outpatient treatment for clergy and other religious professionals including Catholic priests, vowed Catholic women and men religious, and Protestant clergy.

    Our traditional intensive outpatient program is a unique opportunity for ministers to grow in wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.

    Collaborating with ministers and their leadership, we develop individually tailored treatment plans that go beyond resolving symptoms; they address obstacles to growth, allowing the Spirit to work more freely to cultivate the minister’s gifts in the interest of personal well-being and effective ministry.iStock_000010347781XSmall

    We have successfully helped many ministers heal from and overcome depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, addictions and other concerns.

    Cultivating and nourishing growth that is deep rooted and that will continue to flourish takes time. Our Path for Growth program is best considered a “Wellness Sabbatical.” Often, a minister participates in this intensive program of therapy, education, and spiritual direction for approximately six months.

    Weight Management
    An important factor in long-lasting health is appropriate body weight and optimal nutritional status For this reason, we offer an integrated approach to assisting clergy and religious who suffer the debilitating complications of obesity.

    Click here for more information on our Weight Management Program for Religious Professionals.