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    Path For Healing

    A Path for Healing & Restoration: Treating Anxiety & Depression,

    Our Brief Intensive Program
    As the demands of ministry become more complex, clergy, religious, and other ministers are more vulnerable to “burnout,” and other symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.  Yet, it is not always possible for a minister to take a six month leave to participate in our full wellness sabbatical. In response to these realities, we offer a brief outpatient treatment program for religious professionals suffering from anxiety and/or depression. This path toward healing and restoration offers brief treatment with the goal of returning clergy, religious, and other ministers to psychological and spiritual health.

    Depression and anxiety treatment plans are personalized, intensive and closely supervised with the goal of resolving acute or chronic forms of anxiety or depression.

    The goal of our brief intensive program for clergy, religious, and other ministers is to eliminate the painful, disabling symptoms of depression and/or anxiety; the length of treatment is therefore quite brief, usually no more than 4 to 10 weeks.

    The sharp, clinical focus makes it more likely that insurance coverage will apply, resulting in lower costs without sacrificing sensitivity to the unique concerns of clergy and religious.

    Various forms of aftercare are available to assist clients in maintaining and building on the gains achieved.

    If you are a Protestant pastor, Catholic priest, or Catholic vowed sister or brother, suffering from depression or anxiety, call 314-289-9407 for more information on our outpatient treatment programs to get on a path for healing and restoration of spiritual and mental wellness.