• Program for Psychology & Religion

    Assessment Services

    Clinical Assessment

    We work with ministers from various denominations, dioceses, and religious orders to uncover root causes of identified problems and to provide practical recommendations. Most often, persons referred for a clinical assessment are experiencing difficulties in ministry and/or relationships. Common underlying causes include burn-out, fatigue, depression, anxiety, interpersonal stressors, addictions, and compulsions. The assessment is conducted in a collaborative manner, working with the minister to identify both the symptoms and the root problem. Arrangements for assessment are made in a manner that balances sensitivity to the minister’s privacy with the need to sometimes include the minister’s superiors, supervisors, and/or family in feedback sessions and decision making.

    Specialized Assessments

    Drawing on the clinical and scientific expertise of the Behavioral Medicine Institute’s faculty and clinicians, we are able to offer assessments for specialized concerns including: chronic pain, obesity and nutrition, eating disorders, dementia and cognitive impairment, and career and vocational interests.

    Candidate & Developmental Assessment

    We created this assessment to identify growth areas on the journey toward healthy integration of body, mind, and spirit. The persons for whom this form of assessment is appropriate range from seminarians and ministry candidates to clergy, men and women religious, and laity who desire to know themselves better and desire to use the results of the assessment to map a path for personal and spiritual growth. While major psychological problem areas are screened for, we place a particular emphasis on the individual’s strengths and areas of growth.