• Conditions Treated

    Back Pain / Sciatica

    Back pain may be localized to an area of the back or radiate into one or both legs (“sciatica”); it may be due to an obvious cause (back injury, bulging disc, stenosis, compression, arthritis or other degenerative disease) or may begin without apparent cause (“insidious onset”). 
A thorough medical exam can rule out specific diagnoses, and a postural and functional exam may show contributory faults and problems. Whatever the original cause, problems associated with the hip, pelvis, spine, upper back and neck may be worsened by postural faults, which can begin at the feet.  By correcting these faults from the ground up, physical therapy may help normalize and balance body function to reduce pain and joint wear-and-tear.


Thorough medical and physical therapy evaluations coupled with pelvic correction, exercise, gait work, functional training and shoe inserts can improve body mechanics and pain, often reducing deterioration of hips, pelvis, spine and neck.

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