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    Panic Disorder

    The primary feature of Panic Disorder is panic attacks. A panic attack is a sudden rush of fear involving a constellation of symptoms that may include rapid heartbeat, light headedness or dizzy feelings, difficulty breathing, hot or cold flashes, and other bodily sensations accompanied by a fearful feeling that something terrible (like having a heart attack or losing control) is about to happen. It is not uncommon for people to experience panic attacks, especially during times of major life stress. However, Panic Disorder is diagnosed when panic attacks become frequent or a major focus of concern in the person’s life. When a person starts to avoid situations because of fear of having panic attacks, it is a sign of Agoraphobia.

    If you or a loved one suffers from Panic Disorder, give us a call. We have been providing anxiety treatment programs for over 30 years and can provide relief from the constant fear, panic, and/or worry.  For more information please contact us at (314) 289-9411 for our St. Louis City location and (636) 532-9188 for our Chesterfield location, you can also choose to complete our online inquiry form.

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