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    Social Anxiety Disorder

    Social anxiety disorder occurs when someone feels extreme anxiety about being negatively judged by others. The fear of being criticized or embarrassed makes some people avoid certain ordinary social situations—like public speaking, performing, going to parties, eating in restaurants, writing in front of others, or using public restrooms. People with a social phobia feel so threatened by certain social situations that they either avoid them completely or suffer terribly when they cannot avoid them.

    Our staff wrote Dying of Embarrassment, the first book on social phobia for consumers, and in it, included the following common expressions:

    “I could have died from embarrassment. My face turned beet red.”

    These common expressions graphically illustrate the experience of social anxiety and the discomfort it causes. Indeed, social anxiety is common. Almost everyone experiences some nervousness or awkwardness around others at one time or another. There are, however, some individuals whose social concerns become magnified and out of proportion to the situation. For these people, social anxiety is a serious difficult that may disrupt daily functioning and interfere with career and relationships.

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