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    Frequently Asked Questions

    General public

    How do I get started? Call (314)289-9411 to speak to our intake department and request to schedule a consultation with a DBT therapist. Together you and the therapist will decide if DBT is appropriate for you and what level of care will be most suitable.  

    What can I expect individual DBT therapy to be like? Individual DBT therapy will involve meeting with a therapist once a week. The therapy will address the client’s presenting concerns by learning and implementing DBT skills. Clients are to keep a daily diary card that tracks emotions, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of harming others, and thoughts of self-injury.  Clients will be given homework assignments during each session that encourage skill use outside of session in the person’s everyday life.

    What can I expect DBT skills groups to be like? DBT skills group meet once a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. We ask that you are willing to commit to six months as that is how long it may take to work through all of the skills DBT has to offer. The group starts off with a brief mindfulness meditation and a check in after the practice. The group then progresses into homework review, skills teaching, and homework assignment. The skills groups emphasize learning a variety of skills to effectively manage skills and to develop proficiency. These groups are not “process” or “talk” oriented. Group members are strongly encouraged to share their homework and other examples of skill use to help ensure the skills are being used as effectively as possible.

    Is it covered by insurance? Before a potential client begins the DBT IOP, a clinician will have our billing department check the client’s insurance benefits. The client will then be informed what insurance will cover and what will be the cost to the client. If the insurance deductible has been met, there will be no out of pocket cost for the client.

    Do you have to have insurance to join the DBT IOP? No. Some clients do not have insurance or have chosen to pay out of pocket for the DBT IOP.

    How expensive is it? The cost of the program to each individual client is different based on their insurance. For example, if the deductible has been met for the year,  the client will have no out of pocket cost. The current daily rate of the program (without insurance coverage) is $238.50.

    Is the DBT IOP for everyone? Our DBT IOP level of care program is aimed at helping clients who are currently experiencing impairment in functioning in different areas of life (such as work, school, relationships, and so on) due to the severity of their reported symptoms/diagnoses. The DBT IOP typically treats individuals who have tried traditional outpatient therapy and need a higher level of care. The DBT IOP also treats patients who are experiencing more severe symptoms that traditional outpatient therapy may too slow to address. 

    What is the time commitment for DBT IOP? In total, the DBT IOP requires a time commitment of 9 hours a week. The DBT IOP meets Monday-Thursday from 4pm – 6pm and there will be a one hour therapy session once a week with an individual therapist who is a member of the DBT team.

    What is the time commitment for skills group? The skills group commitment is one hour and fifteen minutes once a week for approximately six months.

    How can loved ones help? Do what you can to get educated about your loved one’s diagnosis or diagnoses and listen to them so you can try to better understand what their experience might be like. Do not treat them as fragile or broken. Treat them as an equal who is struggling to do the best they can at this time. Be patient as change or improvement may take time.

    What books on DBT do you recommend?

    DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition / Edition 2

    Marsha M Linehan

    ISBN-10: 1572307811      

    SBN-13: 9781572307810

    Pub. Date: 10/20/2014

    Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc.


    Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World

    by Mark Williams, Danny Penman, Jon Kabat-Zinn (Foreword)

    ISBN: 1609611985 (ISBN13: 9781609611989)



    How do I make a referral? Contact our intake department at (314)534-0200 and inform them you have a client you would like to refer for DBT.

    As a therapist , can I continue to see my patient while in the DBT IOP? This depends on what will be worked on in therapy, insurance, and  the client’s preferences. An outside provider can likely continue working with a client if they are working on an issue or diagnosis that will not interfere with the DBT IOP treatment. Insurance likely will not pay for a client to work with their outside therapist and participate in the DBT IOP. A client could continue working with their outside therapist if clinically appropriate, but would probably have to pay out of pocket. It would be important to coordinate care to ensure neither party is interfering with the client’s therapeutic progress.

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