• Eating Disorder Program

    About Us

    About Us  

    The Eating Disorder Program at SLBMI is a specialized eating disorder treatment program that utilizes evidence-based therapies.  It is our mission to be your partner in recovery.

    When treating eating disorders, expertise matters! You are the best expert on you and your family. We provide highly personalized care and state of the art treatment.  Together with you, we work diligently to help you achieve your recovery goals!

    You and your recovery is our priority. Whether you are concerned that your child may be starting to struggle with body image and unhealthy weight control practices or you have struggled with a severe eating disorder for years, we can help! 

    We specialize in outpatient treatment so that you can stay at home with as little interruption to work or school possible.

    Our goal is to focus on you and your needs at all times, this is why we provide a small and intimate setting for groupsOur groups are small so that you can feel confident that you are our priority.  

    We are here for you!  We offer open-ended separate Aftercare “Relapse Prevention” Groups for Adolescents and Adults who complete our Intensive programs (IOP). 

    We are committed to involving friends and loved ones in treatment with permission.  With children and adolescents, families are active participants in all levels of treatment.   We offer Parent and Caregiver Workshops that are free and open to the public. 

    We personalize treatment.  Treatment may target healthy body and self-esteem; provide real world practice with meal planning through restaurant and grocery outings; tailor exposure/response prevention protocols for anxiety; and address other problems, like depression, that may co-occur. 

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