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    IOP FAQs

    Please read below for answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

    Will insurance pay for the ED IOP?

    Many insurance companies will pay for Intensive Outpatient services, although some policies do not. The amount of coverage is highly variable. Our billing staff will determine what will be covered and how much you will be responsible for prior to admission to the ED IOP.

    How long will I be in treatment?

    Treatment varies for each individual.  Average length of stay is 1 month.

    What will I do in treatment?

    We invite you to review our IOP treatment schedules for Adolescents and Adults, which includes a wide variety of group therapies specifically designed to help individuals recover from an eating disorder. Therapy groups are individually tailored by licensed professionals according to the treatment needs of our members. In addition, you will meet with an individual therapist, dietitian and depending on your needs, a family therapist as well.

    What can I expect from my dietitian in the Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program?

    The dietitian is a licensed clinical practitioner on the ED IOP team. You can expect your dietitian to:

    • Perform an individual initial assessment outlining your history and your treatment goals;
    • Create a personalized meal plan with you based on your individual needs;
    • Meet with you one-on-one, to work toward progress;
    • Conduct ongoing nutrition education individually and in weekly nutrition groups;
    • Offer meal support, including help processing emotions and working toward making eating natural and comfortable;
    • Provide outings such as shopping, meal preparation and dining out to practice eating disorder recovery skills;
    • Meet with family members and offer strategies and guidance;
    • Encourage and demonstrate using all foods in balance, moderation and variety and
    • Support you as you work toward challenges relating to your meal plan, nourishment and recovery.

    How do you work with co-occurring Anxiety Disorders?

    Our treatment team specializes both in eating disorders and anxiety. In some cases, more intensive treatment for anxiety may be indicated as eating disorder symptoms resolve. If so, your primary therapist may be able to continue to work with you within the Center for OCD & Anxiety-Related Disorders (COARD) or we will carefully coordinate treatment with experts from COARD.

    How will I keep up with my schoolwork?

    Our IOP is designed to prioritize recovery while allowing you to continue with work or school. However, work and school schedules may need to be adapted, especially in early stages of treatment. We are happy to work with your employer or school if your treatment requires notifications, including temporary medical leave.

    Who do you treat?

    Although our groups are primarily female, we admit females and males to the Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program (ED-IOP) and serve ages 13 & older.

    What if I have medical problems?

    You need to be medically stable to participate in our Program. If you are having medical symptoms and do not have your own doctor, we will help you find one to work with. We expect you to be working with a physician while you participate in our Program as an outpatient or in our Intensive program. To have your physician assess for medical stability, we recommend completing the items on this form (link to download EDP Medical H&P Form.docx)

    What if I need to be in the hospital?

    We are not affiliated with any one hospital. If you are in need of hospitalization, please check with your insurance company or personal physician immediately.

    If you suspect that you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact us at 314-289-9411.

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