• Programs for Eating Disorders

    Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

    We are committed to the health and well-being of everyone we see.

    If you need more help, we offer separate Intensive Outpatient programs for Adults and Adolescents. We treat all genders.

    IOPs offer treatment that is more intensive while remaining in the home and community.

    We specifically design our IOPs for people with primary diagnoses of eating disorders.  We offer specialized alternatives to general psychiatric hospital based IOPs, which are not providing treatment for eating disorders and often eating disorder symptoms worsen in those settings.

    We personalize our programs to meet unique needs of each individual.

    Our programs provide treatment in a small, private setting with a high staff to client ratio. Treatment is most typically in small groups and may include 1:1 treatment for individuals and families.

    Group therapy sessions several days a week provide access to more time in direct treatment and learning opportunities than is available in typical outpatient therapy sessions that meet once or twice weekly. Many people find they greatly benefit from this additional structure and level of support. 

    Our IOPs are in-network with most insurances providing an affordable alternative to higher cost day or residential treatment programs.   We will determine your benefits and coverage prior to starting in the program. 

    The average length of time in IOP is 3-4 weeks.  Our IOP groups are during weekday evenings and Saturdays to minimize interruption of work or school. 

    • Groups meet for three hours and include a therapeutic and supervised meal.
    • In addition to groups, individual therapy and nutrition sessions are included.
    • We offer IOP sessions multiple days per week, up to 6 days for adults and 5 days for adolescents.

    You will have our eating disorder team of licensed, experienced professionals working with you. Our therapists lead groups as well as working with individual clients and families to insure closely monitored and individualized treatment.

    We require that clients with eating disorders obtain a medical evaluation and often recommend laboratory tests, such as blood work and EKG, to ensure that clients are medically stable and able to benefit from outpatient services. 

    At times, after a comprehensive assessment, we will recommend a higher level of care.  When this does occur, we work closely with both local and national hospitals and treatment centers to help you find that treatment option that is the best fit for your individual needs. With your permission, we will follow up and stay involved in your care. When medically stable, you will have the option to discharge to SLBMI for IOP or Outpatient Services.

    Watch the video below to learn more about what the SLBMI’s Eating Disorders Program Intensive Outpatient Program has to offer.


    Who should participate in the ED IOP? Individuals who:

    • Require supervised meals in order to recover
    • Have not progressed in outpatient treatment or have stopped progressing
    • Highly resistant pattern of binge eating and/or purging
    • Have drastic weight shifts- loss or gain in short period of time
    • Are unable to prevent further loss or gain
    • Are purging with restricting
    • Are unable to stop or limit over exercise
    • Have severe co-occurring disorders that are complicating or preventing recovery
    • Need group treatment to support individual/family therapy
    • Do not have family or social support available to support recovery efforts
    • Need supportive structure after residential treatment or hospitalization.

    If you suspect that you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact us for help at 314-289-9411.


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