• Programs for Eating Disorders

    IOP for Adults

    Our Adult IOP is intensive individualized treatment targeting personalized goals intended to achieve recovery while keeping you involved in your home and professional life.

    We base Our IOP on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), evidence based treatment for eating disorders as well as depression and anxiety that often co-occurs.  We include built in exposure practice and coping skill practice.  Our setting allows us to personalize treatment to match individual reasons for treatment and goals.

    We designed our schedule to offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate most work schedules.

    Our IOP offers:

    • A small, intimate group setting with a high therapist to client ratio.
    • A daily supervised meal that provides daily structure to support healthy behaviors.
    • 1:1 individualized therapy sessions with an eating disorder specialist
    • 1:1 individualized sessions with a licensed dietitian
    • Groups led by our expert team of eating disorders specialists.

    We aim to maximize the best outcome for each individual.


    The overall goal of our Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorders Program (IOP) at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute is to provide additional treatment to break patterns that are creating barriers to recovery. 

    Therapy groups provide more information and opportunities to learn skills than is available in typical outpatient therapy sessions that meet once or twice weekly. 

    The daily support and structure of IOP helps interrupt obstructive behaviors and provide support to establish healthier eating patterns.

    IOP provides opportunity to apply cognitive behavioral interventions and challenge dysfunctional beliefs, practice adaptive skills, and practice to establish and maintain healthier behaviors for continued, successful recovery.

    Adult IOP Groups will meet Six Days a week:  Monday thru Thursday 5:00-8:00pm; Friday 11:00am – 2:00pm; and Saturday 8:00-11:00am. 

    Why Our IOP?

    • We specialize in treatment of anxiety and mood disorders that commonly co-occur with eating disorders.
    • We incorporate anxiety treatment through Exposure with Response Prevention Strategies.  Planned exposure that trigger eating disorder behaviors and coping skill practice in the home environment prepares for transition to less frequent outpatient services
    • State-of-the-art individualized group modules designed to extend structure and accountability into the home environment.
    • Accessibility – your entire treatment is highly accessible to you. Our primary goal is you and your needs. We always have time available for you.  When you need help, guidance and advice – we are there for you.
    • Our eating disorder treatment team – our staff is comprised of experts in the field of eating disorders with experience treating eating disorders. We are proud that our team has a wealth of years treating eating disorders.  Our experience, professionalism, compassion and ability to collaborate together means that you receive exceptional care.
    • Family focused approach includes time invested in each family including groups, one on one sessions, family sessions, phone calls and ongoing advice and guidance available to all families and clients.
    • Incorporation of anxiety treatment and planned exposure-response prevention interventions to help reduce anxiety related to food and eating disorder behaviors.
    • Supervised complimentary outings to restaurants and stores according to individual plans.
    • Complimentary supported meals.
    • Coping skill practice in the home environment prepares for transition to less frequent outpatient services.
    • Closely managed and collaborative treatment with community providers.


    Our licensed therapists work with individual clients and families, as well as lead therapy groups to insure consistent quality and personalized treatment.  If we determine that even more intervention is required, such as residential treatment, we will work closely with you to help you with this process.

    What to expect? 

    Easy access to intake appointments.  Before someone begins treatment, we conduct a confidential and extensive assessment to determine what level of care is appropriate. We make every effort to expedite intake assessments within 48 hours of calling our intake department.

    We are in network with most insurance companies. We verify insurance benefits prior to your appointment in order to provide information regarding coverage. Private pay is also an option.

    Our IOP is an intensive schedule designed to offer maximum support to achieve success at an outpatient level of care.  Each IOP day is comprised of three hours of group therapy, including a therapeutic and supervised meal.  We schedule additional therapy and nutrition appointments around these core groups. 

    The length of time that you spend in the IOP is highly individualized but a typical average is 18-28 treatment days. In most cases, insurance companies determine length of stay based on your plan and their determination of medical necessity.  We will make every effort to work with your insurance company to determine a length of stay that matches your treatment goals.  In cases when you may wish to extend treatment days, private pay is an option.  

    We carefully design our IOP therapy groups to reflect current trends and research on treatment effectiveness. Current groups include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Family Relations, Coping Skills and special topics such as Anxiety Management and Nutrition.  We also individualize treatment based on the needs of participants.

    Adult IOP Groups will meet Six Days a week:  Monday thru Thursday 5:00-8:00pm; Friday 11:00am – 2:00pm; and Saturday 8:00-11:00am.

    Please review our Adult Group Schedule for a complete list and description of our therapy groups.

    We expect individuals who attend our IOP to be working with a physician who will monitor their physical health. Prior to admission, an evaluation and physician statement is required stating that clients are medically stable and able to participate in outpatient treatment.  Please review and print the Adult Medical Clearance Form and the Adult Lab Recommendations for your physician to complete. If you do not currently have a physician, our program can assist in finding physicians to work with you.

    We schedule an individual orientation and education session to discuss individual goals and family involvement. Each client will see a dietitian within the first few days in order to develop a meal plan and will meet for follow-up sessions according to their individual needs. 

    Every client will also receive individual therapy sessions, individual nutrition counseling, and weekly individual feedback on progress.

    Family therapy is an important component of the IOP.  We provide family therapy in a Multi-Family Group, as well as individual family sessions based on client need.

    Throughout treatment, we focus on discharge planning. We offer a weekly Adult Relapse Prevention group (link) to all former IOP members who complete our IOP.

    If you are currently working with an outpatient treatment team, you are welcome to take advantage of our services that may not be available in a traditional outpatient setting.  We look forward to collaborating with your outpatient provider(s) and physicians.

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