• Programs for Eating Disorders

    Our Philosophy

    St. Louis Behavioral Medicine is committed to providing quality, accessible and affordable evidence-based eating disorder treatment.

    Eating Disorder Treatment is designed to be the most effective and efficient for the individual needs of each client.We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with understanding, sensitivity, compassion, and dignity.

    We understand that eating disorders are not a simple choice.  Eating disorders are often experienced as shameful and therefore kept secret. We have yet to meet someone who woke up one morning with the intent of developing an eating disorder.  Eating disorders have complex causes and are maintained by multiple factors.  Indeed, we often hear that eating disorders are not an attempt to do something wrong as much as an attempt to do something “right” that becomes out of control.  We understand that individuals do suffer greatly and often experience internal turmoil, which is hidden from others.  iStock_10668925XSmallED_ourphilosophy

    Despite the medical risks, social isolation, losses, and suffering associated with having eating disorders, the prospect of treatment may be met with ambivalence if not abject terror.  Common fears that may be associated with recovery include fears of change, uncertainty, failure, loss of control, and social rejection.  Any or all such fears can be translated into fear of weight gain, which is further exacerbated by society messages about the thin ideal. Often the internal dialogue of individuals with eating disorders is highly critical and punitive.

    Corrective learning opportunities are necessary for challenging and restructuring negative beliefs.  We believe that eating disorder recovery is associated with tolerance for distressing emotions as well as personal mistakes.  However, recovery does not happen in isolation.  Recovery is strengthened by the availability of a strong support system.  Therefore, we seek to actively involve family and loved ones in treatment.

    Recovery from eating disorders is possible!

    You do not have to start treatment for your eating disorder alone.  We are here to help you one step at a time and every step of the way! We provide an array of treatments and eating disorder counseling.

    If you suspect that you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact us at 314-289-9411.