• Programs for Headache & Pain


    Please read below for answers to many of our Frequently Asked Questions.

    Will health insurance cover my treatments?

    Coverage varies according to your contracted insurance benefits. After you provide personal information, our Intake Coordinator will contact your insurance company to obtain benefit information. Some medical or psychological treatments may be covered in-network, while other treatments are out-of-network. We will work with you and your insurance company to provide the care you need.

    Do you only treat people who live in the area?

    No. Some patients come to SLBMI from distant locations.  For those with travel needs, we create individualized treatment plans. Those who come from far away generally receive more intensive therapies to minimize time away from home.

    If I don’t live in St Louis, where would I stay?

    There are a variety of hotels nearby.  We will be glad to provide you with lodging options.

    What does “multi-disciplinary treatment” involve?

    A multi-disciplinary treatment approach means we seek to understand you as a whole person and address all areas of need.  We accomplish this by employing specialists from many different disciplines who meet regularly to discuss and monitor your progress.  We feel strongly that a team of experts  who are focused on your needs will provide the best treatment outcome.

    How can you reduce my chronic pain?iStock_20690321XSmall_headachepainFAQ

    After evaluation, our physicians may recommend physical therapy, biofeedback, dietary or other counseling. Counseling and Education help you understand and identify triggers for headaches and factors that cause increased pain. Unrelieved pain may lead to depression, anxiety and work problems. Counseling can help minimize the impact of these factors.  Biofeedback therapy teaches people to recognize and correct problems that can increase pain, like chronic muscle tension and diminished blood flow. These factors often play a critical role in the onset and continuation of headaches, pain and other health problems. Physical Therapy can add strength and flexibility to compromised muscle groups affected by pain conditions, which can reduce pain and increase activity tolerance.

    Will I be taken off my medication?

    Medication remains an important aspect of any treatment plan, although reducing or changing medications sometimes can be helpful. Occasionally, medication causes rebound pain or headaches, or can become less effective over time.  Some medicines may cause dependency or addiction. If medication is indicated, we will recommend what will be most helpful and at what dosage.

    Does body weight affect my pain levels?

    Yes. Being overweight causes increased stress on weight-bearing joints and may cause poor body mechanics. Losing weight helps reduce foot, knee, hip and back pain. In addition, diet counseling often plays an important role in headache and pain management.  A poor diet is a common and frequently overlooked factor in headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia.  In addition, a poor diet can adversely affect the body’s ability to cope with pain.

    Can my spouse/partner come to appointments?

    Yes. We encourage family members to come and learn ways to assist our clients. Their support and encouragement are critical, but it is up to you which appointments they attend. Our staff will be glad to teach your spouse/partner how to best support your efforts to manage pain.