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    Scrupulosity and Religious Obsessions

    Scrupulosity is a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) involving religious or moral obsessions. Scrupulous obsessions can include excessive concerns about blasphemy, sin, immoral behavior, purity, going to hell, or God’s punishment. Scrupulous behavior exceeds or disregards normal religious or moral doctrine. Examples of scrupulous behavioral compulsions include excessive trips to confession, attempts to seek reassurance from religious leaders and loved ones, cleansing and purifying rituals, prayer, acts of self-sacrifice, and other religious or moral rituals.

    Scrupulous mental compulsions include imagining sacred images or phrases, making a pact with God, repeating passages from sacred scriptures in one’s head, and seeking reassurance by trying to figure out the answer to a religious or moral dilemma. In contrast to healthy religious practice, scrupulous behavior interferes with normal functioning.

    If you or a loved one suffers from scrupulosity, give us a call. We have been providing anxiety treatment programs for over 30 years and can provide relief from the constant fear, panic, and/or worry. Our anxiety treatment team can be reached at 314-289-9411.

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