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    Infertility Support and Counseling
    for Women and Couples

    Infertility Support & Counseling for Women and Couples

    We provide caring Infertility Support and Counseling for Women and Couples. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, this may lead to anxiety or depression. Trying to get pregnant under the best of circumstances can be challenging. When you are diagnosed or being treated for infertility issues it can cause stress within the family unit. We are here to help.

    The support of an experienced mental health professional can add the needed balance, guidance, and sounding board for getting through this difficult process.

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    Couples and individuals go through medical and physical challenges trying to conceive a child. They are forced to make some of the most difficult life choices. Infertility support and counseling can assist in these trying times. When the most private parts of the couple’s life becomes scheduled and business like, the couple can experience a real sense of loss. Relying on the medical community to create their family can cause feelings of helplessness. This process can change the focus from deep emotional bonds to feelings of depression, anxiety, shame and loss of control.

    Couples often hide their infertility issues. This can prevent social support needed to move past this stressful time. They often feel alone and isolated from friends and family. This is why infertility support and counseling are so important in this process. You need a safe environment to talk about what you are feeling and experiencing. We can be part of your support system.

    The stresses of infertility treatment can also affect decision-making. The medications used can strongly affect a woman’s moods. This is a difficult time for everyone in the family unit.

    Infertility Support and Counseling can help with:

      • Stress management
      • Anxiety management
      • Depression
      • Coping with the ups and downs of fertility treatments

    Please mention the “Women’s Reproductive Program” when you call to make an appointment, so that we may schedule you with the appropriate providers.

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